Wow, What a Month

Wow, what a month!  I was blessed to be able to serve at the Best Life Women’s Conference at Northridge Fellowship in Rogers, MN and it was amazing.  God is so good…He doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called…what a relief!  Am I relieved that I don’t have to be perfect, and worry about how to present, how to talk, how to stand…what the wear…okay, I admit it…I did stress out a bit about what to wear, a girl’s gotta have something that keeps me aware that I am flesh and blood, still human…and God takes care of the rest!!  Whew!!!

That is something that I am learning more about each and every day.  With every breath, I am surrendering more and more of me, what I want, my goals, my dreams and my desires.  Because I want them to be for God, I want what He wants.  And there is such peace in that surrender!!!  THIS is the abundant life He wants for us all…to live in that peace that He promises.  No matter what the circumstances are around us: unpaid bills,  marital strife, a chronically ill child, physical pain, uncertain future of any financial stability, continued healing from loss…I struggle with these daily and DAILY I surrender them and pull up the blanket of peace and His grace that is sufficient for me. Not that I hide from it all…but I know that by putting on that covering of God’s perfect peace, and His amazing grace, I can walk through the day…knowing that He is in control, and His plans for the kingdom are being furthered by my obedience.  And the amazing thing is that my desires are from Him, and I get to see this take place over time…His perfect timing.

So, when you feel like the world is crashing in~know that all of it that could crash is not eternal…and all that cannot ever come crashing down IS eternal.  That is where I choose to live…and to live fully in His grace and abundance!  Heb 12:26-28  I pray that for all who read this…to step into accepting the Grace that God has…all of the gifts of His Spirit, and the gift of forgiveness so that we can live abundantly in this world that is so broken and unfair at times!

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