When it Rains, it Pours

Ever notice that the old quip, “when it rains, it pours?” is so very true?  There seem to be seasons in our lives when things just escalate, seemingly to no fault of our own.  Schedules seem to pile up, things just seem to fall into place in such a flurry of activity, a perfect storm, and crises manifest out of areas of your life that you’d never expect!  Friends are not there when you need them to be; spouses let you down… again…kids are sick, work is not going as good as it should, finances are not what was expected …again…..I’ve come to one of those seasons and as I reflect on the new found understanding of how God loves and we’re called to love…I can clearly see that these are opportunities for me to practice this!!!  When a reaction would feel easier, to lash out in return, to demand that my hurts be taken care of first…I stop, breathe, and ask God to help me see with His eyes.  It helps and gives me that perspective on conflicts and difficult situations in my life where I can choose how to respond rather than let my emotions fly!  There is such freedom in this!

I find myself looking at the calendar…, to Spring and all the promises of new beginnings it holds with fresh, joyful anticipation!  A new season is coming and I am invested in the hope that it brings!!! During the cold months we just experienced, everything looked dormant, and felt dormant, but under ground bulbs were splitting, and inside of trees and shrubs, buds were forming, sap was running and new life was being prepared for.  New life was being cultivated out of our line of sight.  That is what God is up to in our lives…..God is in all of the details and He allows all of it to come to pass.  Where we have input is in our reaction or response.  That is where we get to decide how we will deal with whatever the world throws at us.  In that response lay our next steps.  Are we going to use this situation as a promotion?  I know I am learning that my response determines if I will repeat this lesson or finally be done with it!  God wants us to be refined and renewed by each and every thing that we experience.  We get to choose….and sometimes it’s so hard to do!  When someone out of the blue just “urps” in your direction, and you’re stunned, trying to figure out what just happened.  I am learning to take that nanosecond to SEE what is truly going on.  What is behind that outburst?  What must be going on to make that person behave in such a way?  I want to be able to show others the compassion that Christ did while here on earth…even when things said or done hurt me to my very soul and I’m left with a gaping wound where I didn’t expect it….to choose to see their wound instead…that’s what Christ did for me and I want to be able to do that for those around me.  However, I can’t do it on my own!  Only through the love Christ pours out on me can I in turn share that with others.  So, I choose to soak in His love, whenever possible, so I am filled up and can pour out, unaware of all the details of a situation…even when doubled over due to a blow to my gut by someone that I didn’t even suspect as capable of such an act…..I want to spill out the love, grace, compassion, and peace that our Father God gives us by being in His presence.  Lord, thank You that You first loved us, so that we can love others.  Help me to do that more and more each day, Lord!!!  With Your help, I know I can do this~ Bless those that read this, so they may know You more!

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