How I LOVE the Word of God!

How I LOVE the Word of God!  Every day I learn more about the character of God, His perfect plans, His provision, and His love for me…all from the Word, the love letter He left for me.  Most recently, I got to teach a women’s retreat and share on the Identity of believers with them.  It is so amazing to see how much God wants us all to walk in the truth of our identity, as a new creation.  It was so much fun to discover and illuminate in a weekend of teaching from the Bible.  The most excitement was using Matt 18:10…”Jesus came to save all that was lost”…not just “who” but ALL THAT WAS LOST.  He wants every piece of creation redeemed and is using us to help that kingdom process take place.  That is an amazing, awesome realization to come to.  That God predestined works for us to do right now today that have Kingdom significance. We get to co-labor with the Most High God, Author and Perfector of our Faith….. Wow!  Who says Christianity is boring?!?!?!   And that He wants us all saved…in the Greek, saved is sozo, means saved, healed and delivered… to make whole.

Every day is a brand new, exciting, adventure revealed~  I want my life to communicate that to whomever I encounter each day.  Step into the adventure God has for each of us…a walk with Him into our destiny that He created, hand wrote, and set into motion on the day we took our first breath.  Make the most of this day for Him!

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