God’s Word is Constant

We all reflect on the year as we enter into a brand new one, and as I do so, I am reminded of the constant of God’s Word in my life.  He is always faithful, ever true, and so completely dependable in all circumstances. I love how the Word of God is both constant and new each time I step into it with Him.  The new, fresh rhema is awaiting me each time I open the Bible, and step into conversation with God. He speaks to me through His Word about the present matters that I walk through.  That is the beauty of God’s omnipresence and His desire for such deep intimacy with me…and each of us!  He knows my innermost thoughts, even before I do, and then meets me there, in them.

This year was full of much for me and my family, as we had highs and lows.  The biggest remembrance of this year is the passing of my beloved Daddy.  I was able to sit with him in ICU and pray with him and for him, constantly in my Father’s presence with my dad.  It was a memory I will take with me into eternity.  I got to watch my dad enter into God’s presence and it was such a glorious gift.  To see on his face the peace and joy that replaced the agony of what this temporal world gives us, was a blessing that will carry me through all things here on earth. As his body failed, his spirit soared and awakened to the life everlasting.  Although this was a sad year, and I miss my dad’s presence here with me, I rest in the knowledge that I will see him again, and soon.  Godly grief still visits me at times, and I let it wash over me, as I recall moments and memories to heal my heart.  These come less and less often as the months march by, and are replaced by memories that bring a smile.  Or answers come to questions I have long had, and I am grateful for the gift of extended family to share the memories and from whom answers come.  God is good…all the time…and His purpose and presence is constant in a world that offers nothing that comes close to abiding in Him, and with Him.  2013 provided opportunity for me to know God more intimately, and I pray that 2014 be that for all those that I know…deeper intimacy with the Father of all.

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