God Is In It All

God is in it all…He truly is.  I learn more about His character and His heart each day and I continue to be in awe of Him.

This week, I am aware of a new sense of purpose, a new realization of how intentional God is about orchestrating ways to work with Him, and He is simply providing me with the desires of my heart.  I love that I get to help people see the hope and healing He offers to each of us.  Such a blessing to be able to co-labor with the God of the Universe, to walk with Him and listen to His voice.  He could do it all with a breath, and yet He chooses to work with us…imperfect, toddling kids that stumble, make mistakes, and yet He sees us as worthy to serve His people…wow.

I can begin to get a glimpse of why the 24 elders are continually throwing their crowns at God’s feet and saying “HOLY, HOLY, HOLY is the Lord God Almighty, Who Is, Who was, and Who is to come!” in Rev 4:8…because God keeps revealing more and more of His nature and His love for us.  They are sitting in His presence, in the throne room, and are continually A-mazed at what He is up to, what He is revealing and they can’t help themselves!  It is such a privilege and the only right we get to claim..to be called a Child of God.  He claims those that call on His Name, and that is such an unfathomable gift to receive…He sent His Son to communicate to us so we could try and grasp just a glimmer of what relationship with Him looks like.  Wow…hard to take in when one pauses to examine the gravity of His love, His amazing grace, and mercy and how He just freely gives it out…we only need to take hold and apply it through believing.  Such a Good Dad we have!!

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