Gearing up for the New Quarter

I’m studying Constantine in preparation for my Early Church History presentations. He had a huge impact on “church” as we know it today – and I’m finding out why and how he exerted his influence.

I’m seriously having trouble not being cynical. So much (almost all) of what we do for “church” today isn’t Scriptural – and I realize that “not Scriptural” doesn’t mean “wrong” or “ineffective.” Churches today are having impact – they are functioning evangelically, working on social concerns, and provide a warm place of identity for a lot of people. Those are good things, but in doing and providing those good things, I think we’re missing REAL, NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH! The exposed relationships that can be found no where else on the planet, the intimacy that’s deeper than family, and the shared encouragement and vulnerability that set the First Century believers to live Jesus out. I want THAT!

My cynicism comes in referring to our current “church” as “church.” Current churches do awesome things and provide wonderful services, but I want what we’re missing, too. I want it all!

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