BTC All-Star Team

Chris and Cathy Gardner

Chris and Cathy are the current Directors of The Good Shepherd Christian Schools / Equipped for Life: Bible Training Center.

Cathy and Chris Gardner - 2014-06-21 - CropChris has over 25 years of ministry experience in a variety of leadership roles, church backgrounds, and programs. He has served in Worship, Missions, Youth Ministry, and Education programs and has led church governing bodies. Chris is an Information Technology leader with 30 years of workforce experience and also owns and operates a photography studio with his wife Cathy. He is a graduate of the Equipped for Life: Bible Training Center, receiving his Pastor’s license in August of 2011. In June of 2013, Chris received his certificate of ordination from Harvest Network International. He serves as the Senior Pastor of a Christian employee group with over 1200 members at a global Medical device company. Chris and his wife Cathy have three grown and married children and live in Champlin.

Cathy has over 25 years of experience in Christian ministry, program development, leadership, and service. She has developed Christian Education curriculum and has led Sunday School and Youth Ministry programs. Cathy has experienced a variety of church backgrounds and has served in church administration roles. She is a trained Special Education and Early Childhood Education specialist and has served as Director of an Early Childhood Education center. Cathy is co-leading a “house church” with her husband Chris. She is a graduate of the Equipped for Life: Bible Training Center, receiving her Pastor’s license in August of 2011.

Stacy MStacy Minor

Stacy Minor enrolled as a student with Equipped for Life: Bible Training Center in 2010 and began teaching in 2012. Stacy is a graduate of the Equipped for Life: Bible Training Center and received her Pastor’s license in 2013. There is no other place she would rather serve than the Bible Training Center to equip the saints to do life for and with Jesus!  She is passionate about Scripture and wants to inspire and encourage others to have a zealous love for God’s Word. Stacy loves to witness Christians strengthening believer’s personal relationship with Jesus. She has served in Christian ministry for 20 years as a youth leader, and in women’s and congregational leadership. Stacy joined the Equipped for Life board of directors in 2014. Stacy and her husband Dan live in Big Lake and have two grown, married sons and two grandsons.

Pam MPam Mertz

Pam’s life-long desire has been to serve God. She worked in lay ministry for many years before joining Equipped for Life: Bible Training Center in 2009. She immediately stepped up her involvement in her lay ministry aspirations, as well as joined BTC’s teaching staff two years later. She completed the program in 2012 and serves as a valued networker for the Training Center. Pam has continued her work with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation where she is an ardent supporter and fundraiser, as well as launching her own ministry through Restoring the Foundations. Pam is the mother of three sons, and lives in St. Michael with her husband Lou and their youngest son. Pam and Lou joined the Equipped for Life board of directors in 2014.

Stacy BellwardStacy Bellward

Stacy is a Missionary/Pastors Kid who turned out OK! 😉 She has lived and worked on four continents in development, media, business development and nonprofits. She holds Ethiopia especially close since adopting their Ethiopian-born daughter. Stacy is active in the adoption community as the Board Chair of Ethiopian Kids Community, a nonprofit that she co-founded which serves families with Ethiopian-American children. Stacy is an award winning author of 3 books and loves to see students’ faith in Jesus grow.

Pam W Pam Wagner

Pam has been serving in Christian ministry for 25 years primarily in Women and Adult Education Ministry. In 2011, Pam enrolled at Equipped for Life: Bible Training Center and has been enthusiastically supporting the Training Center ever since!  Her God-given gift of teaching was immediately evident and in 2012 she joined the Bible Training Center teaching staff and was ordained in 2013. Pam and Ken live in Elk River and have three grown children, three grandsons and a granddaughter.


LaurieLaurie Pung

Laurie began her Bible education with the Equipped for Life: Bible Training Center in 2009. She was the first student to enter the newly-created Teacher Training Program, and joined the teaching staff in 2011. Her passion for the physical health of the body of Christ has become foundational for all of the students and staff of the Training Center. She is a valued member of Equipped for Life team, and continues to teach and train the students. Laurie has completed training as a wellness and life coach and, together with her husband Tim, is developing a ministry focused on coaching young adults. The Pung family makes their home in Big Lake and have two young adult children.



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